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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dende Marrocos a Ourense con Sustinea para o meu SVE

Before everything...

My name is KOUTHAR EL ABBASS Im from Morocco, Im 24 years, I have obtained a scientific Baccalaureate deploma and Deug, Im a student at the university in biology fieled and I new member of THE TRAIN-OF FUTURE, I have always wished to volunteer and participate in charity works and when I heard about project MIRANDO AL FUTURO of SUSTINEA I got so excited and improvised to join in.
I m so excited for that I will get my chance to know new people from different countries and of course learn a lot of thing and recognise more about other cultures

Before I come here I was so confused and afraid about will happen especially it is my first time I get far from my country and my family but I arrived here and I met the good people [Cindy, Rebeca, Inma, Susana y Paulo], new friends, new family... and the others volunteers [Joao from Portugal] and [Franco from Italy]

I took my breath they were so nive to me , so gentle, I did not fell like i am a stranger
Really I so happy with them and I will do all my best to help them and be the person they expect.

The next day when I come I went out with the other volunteers Joua an Franco we have visited beautiful places as [ The bridges ,Burgas and Chavasqueira ect...] I visited other place but I forgot their name.

It was my first time I saw them directly really so beautiful :)

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