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Monday, 9 April 2018


I had an hard time adapting to Ourense, starting in the long distance from my family and friends, because this is my first time stepping out of my country; I also had difficulties finding the
correct food that suits me due to my islam religion. Our food is way different from the European one, which we call "Halal food".

But this situation didn't took much time due to the members of Sustinea, which one by one welcomed me, guided me and encouraged me , and they replaced the gap in my heart as a family as one.

And in the same month I found out a place where I can buy "Halal food" at Orinsie which made me so happy, also in February I had a chance to presence the festival " Entroido" which I enjoyed so much as it' was the first time in my life I see it directly.

Now I will travel with you from my emotional world to my practical volunteering world in Sustinea

But first I want to bring you closer to field of my work..
I am now an environmental volunteer in Sustinea its a association always address environmental and social projects ,and i will be stay working with them until november.

In this month I had the opportunity to live a new experience with Sustinea, and participate in various projects and works such as:

-Exploratory to the forest, the objective was to equip some cameras into the trees and leave it there for a week and retrieve them later for explore wildlife.

-"Adopt a tree" is civic-environmental project that promotes the defense and conservation of the public spaces.

-Participation in awareness activities with children Under the title of "Victims of the society of consumption"
We attempt to draw humans attention to reveal the unwise society consumption.
The "Compulsory shopping" is not safe for the creatures nor the environment it self, due to the hidden side effects that we never realise, and we need to rebuild out our thoughts for a better life for us and for our next generations.

-In this month also I started with the Spanish classes, it a new language of me and I am very excited to learn it and speak spanish as soon :)

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