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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Katy: Activities in March

My activities in March

Hi everybody

I Happy to continue my conversation about my experience in Ourense..

In "March" after I returned from the arrival of the training of European volunteers I started working on my project, and I participated in various activities.

-First I will start with my project, is about the dry toilets, is dry bath that does not use water for the evacuation of urine and excrement.
It is a modern product that is distinguished from conventional because the excrement does not go directly to the ground which produces horrible odors.
-participation In spring vegetable garden, we prepare half the land for the new plantations and rotations.
An intense journey in which we enjoyed the great sunny day, with very good company.

- this month also I was enjoying with the company of young people arriving from Spain, Romania and Morocco, to participate in the International Youth Moving Exchange organized by Sustinea from March 24 to April 1… and I participated with them in some activities in Ourense and in Parada de Sil.

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