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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Time, please... by Steve (Czech)

Time, please... it would be really nice if you will slown down for a while. Almost 2 months are behind us. After i wrote the last blog i experienced so many things so, lets try to put my ideas together and create something meaningful and not boring. :)

"So boring again, please stop..."
Before two weeks we went with my flatmate Ruken and with our friend Linda to Santiago de Compostela.

We was invited with another volunteers by our EVS friends (Tanya and Anastasia) whom we met on arrival training in Coruña.

 The city is really amazing, i felt in love with its atmosphere. On every corner of the street they are artists (playing on different instruments especially guitar, but also they played on typical and traditional instrument as bagpipes...)

We went throught whole old town, we visited a main square, catedral etc. and the girls said us lots of important informations about history of Santiago.
"Destiny recommended me to study engineering, no way... please!"

 I really approciated staying in the main park near centre, its pretty huge and the gardens and views on the city there awesome. I would like to do there yoga everyday :(

Views from the park :)

We stayed 1 night in S. de C. so we had also opportunity to explore the night life - it was quite crazy, but we survived!

On Sunday before we left i met a bboys dancing in the streets and it made me so happy to know more breakdancers beacuse now i have a option to train with them. 

Yea, and thanks to girls one more time for baptism in the fountain! I really enjoyed it and i guess that Aga too! And last thing... Prepare for the payback in Ourense! :D

In the next days Sustinea hosted about 30 volunteers from Italy, Spain and Portugal for a 1 week. Naturally we got involved in the program. For example i did a yoga and breathing workshop for them and Ruken teached them how to make theyr own clay jewellery :) It was really interesting to be in the role of a teacher. I have to say that i really improved my communicion skills at this meeting. During this weekend we had the easter holidays so it was on us, if we will take part in this program. Personally i really enjoyed to stay in my free time with another voluneers, to know them more and to share my points of view or whatever... Especially i really enjoyed a trip to Cañon de Sil - it was outstanding and magnificent!

As the title pointed, the days in the office and allotment  are passing so fast and sometimes i really would like to stop the time. We did such a nice job together on our allotment and we can really see a big progress day by day.

The last weekend was pretty hard for me. I become sick and for a whole weekend i stayed in our apparment in my bed. I had a fever, infection in my troath, breathing was painful... I made ginger tea with lemon and honey almost every 2 hours and it really helped me - "Muchas gracias mi Dios Jengibre!"

This monday i went to doctor for the physical examination. Quite strange but also funny was that on reception they think that Czechoslovakia still exists - what?! Really?! :D

Nowadays i feel much much better, i hope that next week i will be fit for a travelling and exploration of a new places! :)

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