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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

EVS - the international gateway into the world.

It was a long time ago when i've wrote my last blog about what's going on with me and what's going on with my EVS project in general. I passed lots of experiencies which i'll try to discribe and share with YOU and i hope that it will put more light on my actions!

With our organisation - Sustinea - in the last months we did a various projects which i really enjoy and i have to say that it really openned my mind more then before and enriched myself.

During the summer we orginised a camps for the youth people in natural parks. I worked there as an monitor, or lets say, more as a supporter of the other monitors especially because of the language obstacle with which iam  still struggling a little bit but step by step iam reaching the improvement in Spanish every day.

 The camps are awesome in many ways. Creating the various types of the activities - individual or group ones, having fun whereever we want to - its amazing that it just depends on us, on every individual, with which idea we will come up and spontaniously its getting manifested in a blink of an eye. I want to just give one example of many. I was a person in a charge of a archering. The concept of activity was boring at the start for the youths so afterwards i came up with a funny bet. ¨If you will hit this apple and the arrow will go trough, the opponent person has to go to the dinner dressed in the clothes of the girl ( you can imagine how tight it is) and eat without a hands.¨ Suddenly they spent an 3 hours of trying to hit the appple and they were succesfull so we had a ridicolous moments during the dinner. :)

As well we had a different types of a camp which were just during one weekend and we are still having them. From my point of view there are too short but anywaz, everytime we are having a great time, we are recognizing a new people and we do a interesting activities for example as canoing, climbing etc.

The next topic is our ecological garden and the project "Rural para todos", right now at this moment we are after the time of the harvest which nourished ourselfes a lot. We picked up a huge amounts of tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins... and plus, everythung in bio quality. Novaday we have to prepare the soil for the wintertimes and we are going to start with the winter plantation.

For the first time i was able to observe and to be the part of the organization of the  historical event which Sustinea invented and orginized. It brought us back into the year 1809. In this period of time, Galicia was occupied by the french soldiers of Napoleons army and afterwards on the year 1809 they fought against each other. The ambient of the village where this whole event happend was perfect. It was a event with a big E. Lots of markets, traditional food stores, dancing exhibitions or even music concerts. In one word - magnificent!

The next project which we just freshly finished was a "Cabicha" one. Every friday we used to go to the streets of Ourense dressed as a hilarious alien creatures trying to convince the locals to not to throw the filters of the cigarettes on the ground. As well we fullfilled a "Cabicho metro" - a huge tube made of a glass full of the rests of cigarettes which we placed in front of the town hall.

Honestly i could write an half of a book here and i would like to avoid it so the last things which i would like to share was the mid evaluation training which happend near Malaga in a small town called Mollina. We spent there almost a weeked which was full of a great activities, we shared different kinds of issues with another volunteers, we had a fun - of course - during the night or even the days and we had a chance to explore the south of Spain with all of his beauty.

The last thing which i want to say is that iam falling in love with Spain more and more and i would like to stay here forever if it will be possible.

Stepan from Czech - #chico#checo#loco

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