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Friday, 13 October 2017

A Huge Summer - Ruken

For me this year the summer started almost at April with the first swim at Océano Atlántico (my first swim at an ocean) and thanks to the weather at Ourense it is still summer. Almost a 7-8 months summer! At this great summer we weren't able to meet I know but a lot of things happened, a lot of things happened so fast..

The first thing I would like to say is Ourense was a bit (?) dead and veeery hot! The streets were like from "the walking dead" series..June passed calmly with the works of Sustinea, the temperature at Ourense..We had the Environment week activities like "Adopta unha Arbore" and campaña "Cazacabichas" which was about the cigarette butts at the ground and how we want to have a clean and it was a really successful project with the youngsters and locals and town hall.

At July we had our mid formación at Málaga, Mollina and after that 2 weeks of vacations was waiting for me at the south of Spain. I wanted to go Seviĺla, Granada, Cádiz, after Valencia and Barcelona..When the formación time has come I was a bit exicted to meet friends from the first formacion that we couldnt see each other because we were at different parts of Spain and also meeting new people and making my cheer up, because at June I was at the moment of missing my home and family so I bought a ticket to istanbul for september to visit my family, because at summer we had summer camps and travels and the tickets were so expensive..Before I came here I didn't realize that 9 months was long.
So then the formacion!

The mid formacion was almost about 100 volunteers from all around Spain and Europe, It was nice to ne with people who lives the similar things with you, away from their home and experiencing different things all the time, trying to be in the community etc.,It was short, nice and fulfilled with really helpful mentors and nice people. We were talking about our EVS experiences, how we are handling at the mid of the EVS process, problems if we have and how we can handle with them..there were lots of different perspectives and ideas after Friday my vacations at Andulucia was starting with my Italian friend I can just say we had a really good time, meet lots of people and fell in love with Granada..

When I came back from this amazing trip at Spain, summer camps was going to start. I was going to experience working as a monitor for the first time at a camp at Muiños, south of Ourense, at the natural park at the border with Portugal. There was 20 young people from all over Spain, Russia, Italy and Turkey which are very interested about nature, environment and natural sports. It was nice to be with these people at the nature, working at nature. I was dutied to work at accessibility of Muiños ( the ways to the mills) and I am happy that the people at the group they were very enthusiastic and I believe at the end we had a really good job, other than we were swimming, kayaking, hiking, cycling and playing..It was a really nice experience for me I believe I gained lots of nice people. At the same time were having this traditional festival of Sustinea which was very cool with costumes, artesanas, traditional Galician culture..

After the camps I went to visit Barcelona and Valencia.. Barcelona is a city like they have told, really nice and dynamic but I dont know how it would have been to live there. Then I came back and after a bit office works I packed my bags for to visit my family again for this I took my ticket to Amsterdam stay a few days and then to Istanbul! Everything happening so fast but I loved the dynamism in this! I missed my family so much so it was nice to see them at my 6th month, then I had 3 months left..

After that I came back we started to continue with "Cazacabichas" and weekend excursions at Muiños..

Now I am back and everything seems passing so fast, now I have almost 1 and a half month left, all the memories are coming my mind, the beginning, my friends here that we have to leave and what will I do now?

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